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Biology Of Blood Groups

We would have studied this in our Std X Text Books. Consider this as a quick refresher. There are 4 main Blood groups ( Phenotypes ) – A, B, AB, O. Now each of these can be RH Positive or Negative. That makes it 8 Blood groups...

Gift To Life: Voluntary Blood Donation

Recently, one of our close friends Arjun (name changed) met with a road accident while returning back from office. A speeding car had lost its control and in turn hit his two-wheelers from behind. Arjun was admitted to the ICU at the nearby hospital.

Leukemia, a type of Cancer:

#Leukemia is a type of blood #cancer that begins in the bone marrow. #Bone #marrow is the #soft #tissue in the center of the bones, where #blood cells are produced.The term #leukemia means white blood.

A blood disorder, Thalassemia;

#Thalassemia is an inherited (i.e., passed from parents to children through genes) #blood #disorder caused when the body doesn’t make enough of a protein called #hemoglobin, an important part of red blood cells.

Willing to donate blood, check your eligibility…

If you are thinking of #donate #blood then, you need to check the below criteria for #donating #blood. Most people can give #blood if they are in good #health. There are some basic requirements...

Be a Superhero - Save a life & your life will Bloom ...

Donate blood. Donate now. Donate often. There was a time when getting bitten by a spider, being son of a Odin or being an alien from Krypton made you a superhero.

Bombay Blood Group

Bombay blood group is the rarest of rare blood groups.

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